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If you want to use our IMAP quarantine & training system in your mailclient, you have to configure this.

Use the following settings to configure your IMAP account in your email client (e.g. Thunderbird of Outlook). In case you are using the SpamExperts hosted platform, you have to use "" as IMAP server, use username "" (replace with your own domain name), and use the password you have set for the domain user.

Open your account settings. Depending on whether you use Windows or Linux the menuitem can be in a different location.

  • Windows: Menu Extra -> Account Settings
  • Linux: Menu Edit -> Account Settings

Click on "Account Actions" and pick the option "Email Account"

Enter your information

Click on "Stop" while it is doing the auto-configuration.

Change the "POP3" option to "IMAP" and click on "Advanced config"

In the server settings window, change the following things:

  • Change the "Server Name" to:
  • Change your username to: Your domainname (without www.)
  • Change the port to 993
  • Optionally, if this isn't selected automatically, change "Connection Security" to SSL/TLS and set "Authentication Method" to "Normal Password"
  • Uncheck the "Check for new messages on startup" and "Check for new messages every .. minutes"

On the "Synchronization & Storage" tab, uncheck the "Keep messages for this account on this computer".

You're all set and you can now use the IMAP quarantine & training straight from your Thunderbird!

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